Balplast was founded in 1967, as a small family company for packaging products. In the meantime, we have grown to become one of the leading regional companies for design and manufacture of point of sale (POS) materials.

Each of our products is a piece of art and it is easy to recognise the amount of creative energy we invest in all of our projects. The products we manufacture based on specific client requests are not limited by the type of material used or total quantity, but only by the client’s needs in accordance with the purpose of the product and visual identity of the company and brand.

The Balplast company is highly specialised in the design and manufacturing of tailor made products that are applied in Horeca and retail channels, the production of all types of displays and dispensers, advertising shelves, money trays, as well as specially branded areas, like fair boots, TV studios and scenery elements. Besides top quality materials, all of our products are set apart from the rest by the use of state of the art LED technology.